Leicestershire Merit Table

Table 2000-2001

As published by the organisers on 3 March 2001 (I suspect some errors in here).

 PlayedWonDrewLostForAgainstPoints Difference
Aylestone Athletic1070321819970+118
Rugby Welsh73048810643-18



No club shall take part in more than two merit tables in any one season, Players would not have to be registered, simply bona-fide regular playing members.


All merit table matches would be played on Saturdays The Spring Cup section being played on the first 2 Saturdays of April. The final being played on the following Sunday at a neutral ‘senior’ Club ground.


A returnable Trophy would be awarded for winning the merit table competition and for winning the Spring Cup section.


A Club shall continue in the merit table in a succeeding season if in the preceding season it had scheduled fixtures against two thirds of the other clubs in the table and achieved a percentage of twenty-five percent in scheduled matches played. Provided that a club shall not leave the merit table if the number of permitted clubs is not exceeded by reason of clubs qualifying.


A club shall qualify to enter the merit table in a succeeding season if in the preceding season it had prior to the start of that preceding season fixtures against two-thirds of the clubs in the merit table concerned and had achieved a percentage of thirty percent in those matches played. Provided that a club even though qualifying as above shall not enter the merit table if this would result in the size of the merit table being increased beyond the number permitted.


All match arrangements shall be made as for usual club fixtures.

In the competition up to FOUR replacements/substitutes will be permitted. If on any occasion a replacement front row is required and that club cannot provide such the referee will order the game abandoned and the side with out front cover will be deemed to have lost the match. Score to stand as at time of abandonment. Teams may play on with uncontested scrums if the un-offending side wishes to.