20 December 2014, AEI vs Bedworth

The home side quickly made their mark on the game with aggressive tackling and strong work from the pack forcing Bedworth back into their 22.
The first try came shortly after as pressure forced the knock on and the AEI pack held the scrum with some lad called westy picking up and crashing over for what would be the first of 4 tries attributed to the forwards.
The first half continued in the same vane as AEI played quality rugby, communicating, covering gaps and making sure of every tackle.
We were soon joined by mr
Greg Griffiths (having said he’d be there for the meet, which changed to there for kick off) who, after a quick vom and running onto the field with his shirt on the wrong way round, fell into rank and cracked on. By this stage we had so many players we did to even know what to do so Chris Hague found himself in a green shirt.
The score was something like 20ish-0 at half time.

After a positive team talk the AEI re entered the fray after the interval and again set about pushing Bedworth around, the forwards playing through no less than 7 phases of pick and drive, before spinning the ball out to our backs releasing the pace of Robert Bollen and the power of Dan Curtis.

To the 80th minute the AEI hunted the ball down, and on the rare occasion that Bedworth were allowed to run, covered and defended aggressively.

Arse of the day nominations are-

Me, for attempting a drop goal conversion that went closer to the touch line than the posts

Dan Curtis (despite playing some great rugby!) for fumbling the pick up on Nathan Yeung‘ glorious cross field kick when he had time to read a book on what to do

Greg (despite still turning up and playing well) for his vommy backwards shirt antics

Man of the match nominations are
Andrew Clark for his tap and go penalty from the half way line that involved outpacing and sidestepping 2 Bedworth backs

Nathanael Salter for huge work rate off the ball and vicious intentions with ball in hand

Sean Fletcher for getting up their 10s nose all day which led to him dropping a pass,with fletch subsequently pouncing on for his first AEI try

Mariusz S?omski for getting into the right position at pace for rob to pop to him and crashing over for his first AEI try (second ever time on a rugby field)

 Also, share the love n all, credit to Bedworth they were good lads and played fair all day, and for once (despite a strange scrum call and being from New Zealand) a good ref!